Innovation Land and Sea has been demonstrating 12 years of action in the field of exploiting the natural and cultural heritage. So far, we were able to develop educational and diving leisure activities with the establishment of three diving centers (Thessaloniki - Skopelos) for specialized diving services (underwater photography and video capture, 3D digitation, support of archaeological research),liveaboard  diving services, successfully implement a project in the NSFR budget of approximately 100,000 €,  provide business planning and market research consulting services to high tech companies, and be presented with our own stand in five international exhibitions:

Project - related know- how of Innovation Land and Sea comes from offering a variety of related services such as:

  1. Feasibility and sustainability studies
  2. The development of spatial planning studies and business plans
  3. Conducion of environmental impact studies of underwater ecosystems
  4. Creation and support of clusters between companies
  5. Promotion and advertising parks and museums