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Livaboard Diving

5Diving is not considered a modern activity in Greece. It’s an ancient activity that it was first mentioned by the ancient poet Homer in “Odyssey” and continued till recent times, where people in the Aegean islands had to practice free diving to 80 – 100 m deep in order to collect sponges and trade them so that they could earn their living and take care of their families.

2Greek seas, which have very clear crystal waters but extremely rich biodiversity represent one superb diving destination both for Greeks and foreigners divers. More specifically, North Sporades, as a cluster of beautiful islands -consisting of Skiathos, Skopelos (the island where the famous movie "Mama Mia" was filmed), Alonissos, Peristera, Kyra Panagia, Skyros and many other smaller islands -form an extremely popular place for diving. Alongside this area, the National Marine Park in the Northern Sporades (which is the biggest in Europe), the Pagasetic Gulf and Pelion, compose an amazing array of options, able to make these diving holidays truly unique!

4Today, we dive-with our private luxurious and specially equipped for diving and sailing yacht, Beneteau Sense 50 "named" Anemolia " - in these crystal clear waters to enjoy what the magic seabed can give us! Dive in stunning underwater landscapes with: wonderful wrecks, mysterious caves and reefs, rich flora with sea anemones, corals and all the kinds of the Mediterranean fishes and various other countless marine species like starfish, shells and Monachus-Monachus seals.

Dive services are provided through our diving center or other cooperating scuba dive centers in Sporades.