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The complex of the islands of Sporades is a safe and full of hidden beauties, location ready to be discovered. Some of the locations that are worth going diving, sailing and visiting are: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Kyra Panayia, Peristera, and several other uninhabited small islands.

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Worthwhile destinations (from Amaliapoli)

island Old Trikeri 9 nm
Volos 11 nm
island Ag. Kyriaki 12 nm
island Afissos 14 nm
island Acheilio 14 nm
island Oreoi Evoias 18 nm
island Platanias 21 nm
island Katigiorgis 25 nm
island Skiathos 26 nm
island Skopelos 37 nm
island Alonnisos 50 nm
island Kira Panagia 63 nm
Chalkidiki 72 nm
island Skiros 75 nm
island Psathoura 77 nm
island Halkida 80 nm
island St. Stratis 104 nm
island Limnos 126 nm
island Psara 130 nm
island Lesvos 138 nm
island Chios 144 nm


Summer average air temperature : 22,5 oC
Summer average water temperature : 23.3 oC
Average Visibility : 18,6-31m inside water
Coldest Period: November to March
Hottest Period: April to October

Ideal months for diving

These months, Greek seas are considered ideal for both scuba diving and snorkeling due to appropriate temperature and clarity of the water in conjunction with mild mobility at sea.