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Company policy

Local Value
Innovation Land & Sea, is a 100% Greek company. The company is employed with trainers and skippers who acquire a high degree of knowledge and expertise in how to live aboard and deal with sailing and diving conditions.

Eco-friendly environmental activities

The company's main concern is primarily its respect for nature and sea, thus following a strict environmental policy. Our sailing vessels use their engines only in cases of emergency or for maneuvering berthing while there is a system of desalination and solar panels. There are also used exclusively biodegradable and eco-friendly detergents.

The uniqueness of the marine ecosystems and the special diving locations, both at coastal level and in the aquatic environment impose two rules of diving. The first concerns the respect to the marine environment and the second allows only simple observation, underwater photography and filming at the points of environmental interest.

Children or people who are touched and captivated by the amazing and magic scenery of the underwater world, may find snorkeling as one of the most interesting marine activities. You can explore sea, by just swimming on the surface with a mask, snorkel and fins, while trying low deep dives, in order to swim among fishes, corals and rocks.

Dive services are provided through our diving center or other cooperating scuba dive centers in Sporades.