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For a second consecutive year we spent a very enjoyable week with Anemolia in the Sporades islands. Before booking our trip we thought that mybe it would be boring to visit the same area. After all was over we concluded that our second trip was better as we were better prepared psychologically and materially as we didn’t lack any important items and we weren’t anxious. In this way we managed to enjoy ourselves more as we visited more islands than last year, including the Skyros island. During our trip apart from the main islands we also visited smaller ones which where peaceful and beautiful and we enjoyed some unforgettable nights admiring the countless stars in the sky. We wish it was cheaper to book the ship so that we could enjoy more vacations.

19/07/2014-26/07/2014 George K.

We had a really wonderful time getting closer to the Sporades and their culture.
This was possible because of Kinona, a fantastic skipper and ambassador for this great cruising.
Thanks for all and see you in Germany.

Thomas, Ulrich and Thomas

Absolutely wonderful boat! Sails beautifully and is very comfortable!
We also enjoyed exploring the islands and coasts at Sporades.
We plan to come back soon.
Excellent holiday enjoyed by all!!
15-7-2013 to 28-7-2013

Penny & Roland, John & Sue

This summer, from 22 to 29 of June, we did a cruise with the yacht "Anemolia" in Sporades. It was the first time we did withthe family (I have 4 kids) sailing holidays. It was an enjoyable experience for all of us. The boat is really excellent and hosted us in the most comfort luxury level.
Our skipper was polite discreet and very helpfull. The places we visited was unique !! We went to deserted beaches with turquoise, clearwaters. We very much enjoyed the sea, the swimming and we played endless at the beaches.
We experienced unforgettable private evenings enjoying dinner and our drinks under the stars.
Anyone who has not done it yet...should really try it !

George Karantonis