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Shipwreck VERA
The cargo ship "Vera" (58m. long) was built in 1956 at Holland and crashed on Lefteris Reef in 10/2/1999 heading from “LARKO” locations in Larimna Fthiotidas (in the northern Evoikos), with a cargo of 1,160 tons of rust, to Thessaloniki.
The ship was aground for some time because the weather conditions did not encourage its detachment.
A few months later, it broke in two pieces and sank to a depth of 25 meters. The crew was transferred safely in Platanias (Pelion) from the fish boat "Koula". Its bow is standing at a vertical position, while its stern a few meters further lies at the bottom on its side.
Today it hosts an interesting marine ecosystem, which in combination with the mysterious atmosphere of the wreck and its ideal depth of 7-27m. converts the wreck "Vera" a pole of attraction for diving lovers which will fascinate even the most demanding diver.


Shipwreck VOLOS
The German commercial ship "Volos" (ex Thasos) 85,6meters was built in 1902, crashed and sunk on Lefteris reef on 21/2/1931.
The ship was loaded with tobacco, oil and mineral spirits and was traveling from Istanbul to Edinburg through Thessaloniki – Volos.
The crew was transferred to Volos from the Sweden ship S/S Belos. Few years later the crashed-ship had the leading role to a historical documentary film, “Menschen unten Heien” (Men among Sharks) of the Austrian marine biologist Hans Hass. In the film among others you can see parts of the ship, like a wooden steering wheel, that unfortunately was taken away from the local sponge divers. You can also observe the ship in vertical position with the foremast pumping up the surface of the sea. Few years later the ship was slipped away deeper and today’s location is in 35-64meters by the side on the bottom of the sea, being maybe one of the most beautiful shipwrecks in the Greek region.


Shipwreck BORA
The 16meter boat “Bora” is one of the dozens so-called “victims” of the European subsidies in regards to the withdrawal of old fishing boats. Today it is located at the bottom of the sea at a depth of 23meters in the area of Trikeri. Its corroded hull creates a mysterious atmosphere, while at the same time it is a location for sheltering and hosting many species of underwater fauna gathering in large numbers. It is considered a very interesting dive for divers of all levels.

Shipwreck KOYRDIKO
It is a relatively new shipwreck (6 years) of a traditional wooden conveyor hull located at depths of 25m – 27m at the pass of Dyo Adelfia. It was sunk while carrying illegal Kurd immigrants in Greece.

Shipwreck CHRISTOS at Pteleou Bay
It is an empty cargo ship located at a muddy depth of 22m and 200meters from the shore. It was sunk during a German air bombardment on April 1, 1941 resulting to a crack on its right side.