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Small Islands

The island of Argyronisos has its own fan club. The strong currents and the often unstable weather conditions, offer to the island a natural protections resulting to an impressive underwater surrounding area around the reefs. The remaining ruins of the shipwreck of the German persecution from World War II complement the scenery. The accessible depths and the special underwater landscape, resulted by the permanent currents of the area, makes this location ideal for divers of all levels.


Islands of Pythos
Two interesting dives mainly in the eastern and southern side of the islands where one can encounter a variety of marine life, absence of currents and particularly warm waters.

Island of Mikri Tsougria
The island is located east of the island of Skiathos and it is considered a fascinating dive in a particularly interesting headland which one can observe increased underwater life even from the first 15m till the 30m.

Islands Dyo Adelfia
A vertical wall dive to depths of over 60m with an increased marine life and many flocks of bream.

Canyon Dyo Adelfia
Another relatively deep dive reaching the 40m with great visibility and a fascinating canyon.

Near Pontikonisi at North Eastern island of Evia which is an unexplored diving treasure with excellent dives at 25m with extremely nice underwater landscape with rocks bridges and others.