Scuba Diving / Diving locations

Diving locations

In the areas of South Pagasitikos Bay, South Pelion and North Evia, as well as in the area of Archipelagos in the Complex of Sporades Isles (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, Peristera, Dio Adelfia and Skyros) there are many interesting diving locations ideal for all kinds of dives addressed to beginners as well as to advanced level divers.

It is a particularly large sea area with a coastline of hundreds of miles in which there is the largest protected marine park in the Mediterranean designed for the protection of the seal Monachus-Monachus. In the sea area we also meet all the flora and fauna of the mid sea level.

Travelling with our sailing boat we have the ability to form a circumnavigation of the area depending on the weather conditions and selecting from a set of separate diving destinations which will correspond to the level of the divers and their special interests.

In our area one may find may modern shipwrecks which can be easily visited, as well as numerous underwater landscapes that include caves, canyons, cliffs and shelter large fish such as groupers, sea bream and tuna. Overall they all contribute to a complete “diving” experience in the environment and history of the location.

Below follow in detailed description some of the destinations suggested for diving. The following list is indicative as in the area there are hundreds of unexplored locations where no one has ever dived, since only recently (just in 2005) diving throughout the Greek region has been allowed, resulting in a specific field for scout diving.